Lilymeche Concept - Memorial Wind Chimes, Black 28", Unique Sympathy Gift, Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother/Father. Bereavement Condolence Remembrance Funeral Gifts in Memory of Loved Ones.

  • THOUGHTFUL SYMPATHY WIND CHIMES - No words can express the pain of losing a loved one may it be your mother, father, son, daughter, grandchild, friend or even a pet. Show a family or a friend that you care by gifting them this memorial wind chimes.
  • UNIQUE BEREAVEMENT GIFTS - It is a wonderful alternative to flowers that will fade away. This sympathy gift t will honor the memory of loved ones for many years to come. This can bring comfort to those grieving who lost someone they loved.
  • PREMIUM MEMORIAL WINDCHIMES - This windchime will be a remembrance gift for your lost loved one. This metal windchime is sturdy and durable as it is rust-proof and dust-proof, it can be a beautiful addition to any memorial garden, backyard patio, porch, garden, backyard, or terrace.
  • SOOTHING CHIMES PROVIDE SERENE TUNE - Let this sympathy wind chime sway in the wind as it creates a peaceful and mind-calming atmosphere. Reminisce the memory of the one you lost while the chimes play a well-tuned and comforting smoothing deep tone melody.
  • LOST LOVED ONE CHIMES - Just the right decor accent and a beautiful addition to any outdoor area. I can be a memorial garden, backyard patio, porch, garden, backyard and terrace. Take a deep breath and this breezy windchimes will add a peaceful background sound to your surroundings.